AWAK Conference

AWAK Conference

PS Museiya graced the 8th Ladies Leadership and Accountability conference that is part of the series of the Ladies Leadership and Accountability Conferences organized by AWAK( Association of Women Accountants of Kenya).

The Association pioneered these delightful series organized on the auspice of the international women week to underpin the role of women in leadership& prepare them across board to take up challenges even as they champion for accountability in both corporate and political spheres.

Themed “Delivering Transformative Change: Re-Defining Leadership for Sustainable and Equitable Future” the conference aims to interrogate the dynamism of the new norm and explore on the challenges and opportunities that women can tap-to influence,drive and deliver a transformative change. It provides an experiential platform where women leaders share their professional, social and economic experiences towards a re-defined lady leadership and; sustainable and equitable future.

Ms Museiya’s  keynote message revolved around transformative change; redefining leadership for a sustainable & equitable future where gave an account of her life to inspire the delegates that they shouldn’t despise humble beginnings.

AWAK is anon-political and non-profit making professional women accountants’ organization, which draws its membership from women accountants. Since its formation in 1994, AWAK has continued to pursue its main objective of member empowerment at the same time contributing to varying needs in society. With its motto “Uplifting our World,” AWAK champions for women empowerment in the community, a role it has played with vigor across the continent.