HWC Mitigation Strategy Validation Workshop

HWC Mitigation Strategy Validation Workshop

The Principal Secretary, State Department for Wildlife, Silvia Museiya, officially closed the Human-Wildlife Conflict (HWC) mitigation strategy workshop held at the Kenya Commercial Bank Group Leadership center, Karen, Nairobi. 

Speaking during the function, PS Museiya noted that involving the communities that are affected by Human Wildlife Conflict in developing these documents is key.

“We should let communities participate and give their contributions when coming up with these documents. This is because the strategies are done for their benefit, and when the communities accept the strategy, implementation becomes easier,” said Museiya. “Human Wildlife Conflict & Wildlife benefitting communities are the key areas I am very keen on. Wildlife is a natural resource and it must work for the people” she reiterated.

Every year over 7000 cases of HWCs claims are filed from all 47 counties for compensation, implying that the HWCs cases are higher than estimated, thereby amplifying the risks of the sixth extinction process than ever imagined.

The latest scientific studies have placed HWCs as the biggest threat to wildlife conservation and management in Kenya due to the negative consequences such as human deaths, injuries, crop and property damage, and retaliatory killings of wildlife.

Data and information analyzed in the proposed strategy was collected through focused group discussions and key informant interviews in workshops with stakeholders from the 8 KWS conservation areas and stakeholders from various non-state conservation agencies across the country.

PS Museiya urged the stakeholders to follow up and ensure implementation of the strategy and other documents that are already developed before embarking on others.

The workshop is thus timely as Kenya forges ahead in trying to mitigate HWCs in order to protect her wildlife, which is a precious heritage for her people and the world at large.