Africa’s largest freshwater lake

For a relaxing, pleasurable lake vacation in East Africa, we recommend a visit to Lake Victoria, the largest of the Great African Lakes and the second largest freshwater lake in the world. Located on the western frontier of Kenya, the lake is only a one-hour flight from Nairobi to Kisumu and a 40-minute flight from Maasai Mara, making it a convenient option for your safari plans. Virtually an off-beat wilderness, the setting offers one of the finest birding destinations in the world. Whether you are a birder, angler, cultural explorer, rock art and paleontology lover or an easy-going traveler at Lake Victoria, there is something for everyone!


How to Get to Lake Victoria

Kenya Airways has daily flights between Nairobi and Kisumu, from where your lodge can organize your onward transfer (by either light aircraft, boat, road, or a combination of these).

From Nairobi, you could catch a slow train to Kisumu, and while this is definitely not the most time-efficient option, it’s an overnight trip (supposedly with three departures per week; 13 hr.) and is a great deal cheaper than flying. You’ll still require an onward transfer to get to either of the islands, of course.

Bus connections take around six hours to travel from the capital, Nairobi.




One of Kenya’s least visited region that offers a lot to travelers; incredible landscapes, birdwatching and the great expanse of Lake Victoria awaits every visitor. Why don’t you visit?


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