Zarika Njeri Kangethe

Zarika Njeri Kangethe

Zarika Njeri alias “Fatuma Iron Fist Zarika” was born on March 13, 1985 to parents Peter Kang’ethe and Aisha Musa in Satellite,Nairobi, Kenya. She attended Kabiria Primary School  before moving to Mathare North estate after her mother passed away. After completing primary school, she was forced to look for odd jobs in order to help in providing for her family. While at Mathare estate, she grew an interest in boxing and started training at Mathare 4A gym under coach Oksimba in the year 1999. She rose steadily inspired by the exploits of her good friend and fellow female boxer Conjestina Achieng. After competing as an amateur, she turned professional in 2000 where she won several local fights.Her first fight abroad came in 2005, where she faced Frida Walberg in Denmark for the WIBF Junior Lightweight title, losing on points.In 2008, Zarika participated in what she believes if one of the toughest fights in her career. 

She squared up against Belinda ‘Brown Sugar’ Laracuente at the Charter Hall in Nairobi for the interim World International Boxing Federation World Super Bantamweight title.

Though many believed that she did not stand a chance against the Puerto Rican, she proved all her doubters wrong with an astounding victory.

On October 1, 2016, the eminent Kenyan boxer arrived in Flint, Michigan to challenge veteran Alicia Ashley for the WBC World Super Bantamweight crown.

From 2016,Zarika penned a lucrative deal with a betting company and her life has changed significantly. She can now afford a better lifestyle for herself and her two daughters. She also gives up to the community she hailed from.

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